Are you wondering what you can do when you visit Columbus, Ohio? Here are a few things we consider “must see” attractions in the area.

Columbus Museum of Art – I know, you were not expecting a boring art museum on the list and that’s a good thing. This museum is far from boring. While it has all the great art you would expect in a museum, it is also host to a lot of fun things to do for kids and families. There are attractions where the kids can get their hands dirty, or climb right inside the display to play.

The German Village – The Columbus, Ohio area has rich German heritage but that is not what this area is about. It is an area rich in Bavarian architecture with no structures higher than 3-stories. The area is filled with great shops, quaint restaurants and great people.

The North Market – If you want to experience the freshest meats, produce and goods in the area, head over to the North Market. The market is filled with small shops selling fresh baked breads and pastries, freshly cut meats, fresh flowers and fresh picked vegetables. You may have noticed we mentioned fresh a few times.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium – This is a place you and your kids will love. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has a diversity of animals ranging from penguins to kangaroos and giraffes to wolves. You can spend an entire day exploring all the exhibits, watching them feed the animals and watching the shows. It is a great outing for everyone.

LegoLand Discovery Center – No adult thinking is allowed in this playful location. Everyone has to become a kid to enjoy building with Lego, exploring the large Lego sculptures and enjoying the 4D Lego Cinema. Your kids will go crazy, even the adult-kids, with all of the different sizes of Lego pieces and projects you can do in the LegoLand Discovery Center. It is one of the funnest places to spend a day in Columbus, Ohio.

Center of Science and Industry (COSI) – Did we just hear the kids groan? Once they step inside all of their groans will turn into shrieks of joy. The building is packed with historic dinosaurs, crocodiles, a giant screen theater and interactive experiments everywhere you turn. Your kids may switch from hating science to wanting to become a scientist, or engineer, before the day ends.

Columbus Ohio is packed with great things to do. This is just a small sample of the fun you can have when you visit, or live, in Columbus.